HERMAN MILLER FA21 GAMINGLeading into Fall 2021, Herman Miller sought to highlight the performance benefits of their gaming chairs and tasked SSS with creating a series of video spots to bring these points to life.

The result was three unique 3D animations depicting the chairs being assembled piece by piece in a sleek lab setting, with each benefit narrated via voice-over accentuated by a custom music score. These videos explored the design of the Embody, Sayl, and Aeron gaming chairs. SSS engaged our spatial team to design the lab setting and then created exploded 3D motion assets of each gaming chair. An abstracted point cloud person interacted with each chair to stress the human benefits of each chair while maintaining the focus on the unique product visuals. 

Together, this content sought to position Herman Miller as a leader in design and science, cementing the brand as a frontrunner in the performance gaming space.